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Below you will find several products that are sold at our facility that have helped many of our patients better deal with and progress through their injuries:
Biofreeze - Rollon, 3 fl oz
  • Biofreeze is used for relieving pain in sports injuries, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains and backache.
  • It works using cryotherapy, a process which cools the area and relieves pain by reducing blood flow to the area and reducing the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli.
  • Biofreeze contains Ilex, which is an herb extracted from a South American holly shrub. Ilex is traditionally used by Paraguayan Indians and is added to the product to help the gel to penetrate the affected areas.
  • Biofreeze is sold in three formats: tube, spray and roll-on.
Sale Price: $10.00
Exercise Putty
  • Rehabilitates hand muscles weakened by injury or illness
  • Promotes coordination, agility and dexterity
  • Enhances wrist and finger flexibility
  • Improves grip, builds endurance and releases stress
  • Resistance codes: Tan=X-Super Soft, Yellow=Super Soft, Red=Soft, Green=Medium, Blue=Firm, Black=X-Firm
Sale Price: $10.00 for 5 oz. container
Coban Wrap
  • Nexcare™ Coban™ Self-Adhering Wrap is a think, stretchy bandage which holds to you like a second skin
  • Sized for wrapping fingers and toes
  • Won't loosen or slip
  • Provides support and compression
  • Protect - Skin
  • Secure - Dressings, Catheters
  • Support - Sprains/Strains, Compresses for Edema, Splints
Five 1 in. Tan Wraps:
1 in. x 180 in. (5 yards) 25 mm x 4.5 m Stretched Dim.
1 in. x 80 in. (2.2 yards) 25 mm x 2 m Unstretched Dim.

Sale Price: $2.50 for 1" roll
Exercise Bands

Thera-Band Resistive Exercise Systems Include:

Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Color-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next.

With Thera-Band Resistive Exercise Systems, measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy is easier than ever before. Different resistance levels are determined by thickness of the band or the tubing. And we designed the Thera-Band Progressive Resistance System with color-coded levels increasing in difficulty from tan to gold. This comprehensive system provides positive reinforcement and feedback for gauging results.

Sale Price: $6.00/yard